Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The REAL Bug

I'm afraid my "Heart of Darkness"-esque post yesterday about the bug was either too long or too serious. It was supposed to be funny. o_O I hope people don't think I've turned into a malicious serial killer over here. (I mean, come on. The bug whispering his last words to me about the betrayal of his beloved colors? Comic GOLD!)

Anyway, this is what really happened.

A giant Korean hornet flew into my room. (That's not just a guess, it was a hornet and it was about 2 inches long) I left it alone for a good long while before I tried to shoo it out, but when it wouldn't leave I had to kill it because I had 3rd grade coming in soon and I didn't want anyone getting stung. I will say, it was quite an ordeal trying to kill it though, hence the epically overblown post.

Later today: Costco! (Though I think Sara beat me to it)


  1. Scott, anyone who knows you knows you have a heart of gold and especially that you have a ROFL sense of humor!

    Personally, I love every word, so my unwarranted opinion is: bring it re: wordiness, and continue to be multi-faceted! Oh, and eliminating the dark side is a plus too :-)

    Pfffftt... Heart of darkness smarkness ~ Lin

  2. =P
    Poor wasp

    I knew it for the joke it was. I probably would have killed it for the sake of the children...and then said a little prayer as it blinked out of existence to join its croonies in the great kaleidascope (I know I misspelled that) in the sky.

  3. Ha ha..had to add, the secret word for that post was "KINDS" *giggle*

  4. So I just read this and the post before it now, and I have to say GOOD FOR YOU! KILL THAT SON OF A BITCH BASTARD WASP! I hate them... if you could not tell. Maybe cause I'm allergic. Either way I loathe any flying bug with a stinger so I commend you. :)

    <3 Jess

  5. I realize my previous comment was a bit rash for a blog. SORRY! <3 Jess