Monday, May 11, 2009

The Bug

All I ever asked of the insect world was to be left alone. I sat in the Dongbu English Village today at approximately 1130 hours. I was preparing as best I could for 3rd grade in the afternoon when I was rudely interrupted by sometimes. Not just any something--The Bug, a 2 inch long, black and yellow beast of an insect that looked like a cross between a hummingbird and a wasp.

For a short while, I left The Bug alone. Once I realized he would be hanging around for awhile, I began to research on the Internet what this potential bug might be. After not finding any results, I grew nervous of his presence. I watched him as he circled the ceiling of my room, ever aware that he could strike me at any moment, and with 3rd grade coming in a mere two hours, I knew The Bug would have to be dealt with.

But I am a fair man. It was time for lunch, and I shuffled off to the cafeteria, closing the door behind me. I gave The Bug ample time to clear my room, figuring that left alone he would simply fly out of the window.

I ate, I talked, I relaxed, and then...I returned. At 1240 hours I returned to Dongbu English Village. I cracked open the door, looked left at the restaurant poster on my wall, and saw nothing. I walked leisurely to my desk. *Bzzz* He immediately flew at me, beginning what I had hoped would never come to pass! I gave him time...I gave him a window...he decided to stay.


Grabbing a book on my desk, I began to swat forcefully but with precision at the bug. After realizing that I would not easily reach him I came to the conclusion that he was drawn to the colors on my retractable posters. I rolled the vinyl English tools up to the ceiling and he was dumbfounded. His colorful paradise was ripped away, and all that was left was a sea of drab, brown, mahogany panelling. He began to roam again. This time, The Bug did not limit himself to the ceiling or the north wall, as there was nothing keeping him there any longer. With his altitude lowered I swung at him, as he flew at me, again and again, before I finally landed the winning blow.

He soared like a clay pigeon through the air and landed, on his back, in the middle of a sea of brightly colored stools. He looked left and right, knowing at least that he would die surrounded by the very things that drew him into my English Village in the first place.

"Betrayal," thought the bug.

But if I had any mercy, it was not that I would let him go, but end the suffering of his wriggling body. He looked at me and fluttered his wings. Fearing a resurgence, I grabbed a notebook, stood above my adversary, and crushed him once and for all. As his body fell away from this world, I heard a faint whisper of "the colors" before silence befell the Dongbu English Village once again.

I never asked for the battle. After all, whoever asks for violence and bloodshed? But this is my English Village, and I will do everything to protect it. It is the nature of men and beasts that we will breed war. Whether provoked by one side or the is bound to happen.

War never ends.

And war--war never changes.


  1. "I heard a faint whisper of "the colors" before silence befell the Dongbu English Village once again."

    Oh wow, The Bug understood symbolic English better than most of our students! Perhaps he was really there to help with your 3rd graders.

    I dearly hope I never meet such a beast. Bravely fought.

  2. I feel for the bug.

  3. o,o;
    That was the best post ever!! LOVED IT!

    Poor bug...sorry, had to say it. Its like some giant squashing you cause you wanted to smell his roses. So colorful *SQUASH*

    I would have grabbed a neighboring teacher and risked the humiliation of them telling me its as harmless as a fly. Way to go, Scott. You're so brave!