Thursday, May 28, 2009

Online Translations

According to Google Translate, one of many free, multi-lingual, online translation tools, today my principal sent all the teachers this message using the school's messenger system:

Today is Dragon Boat Festival, one of the four major holidays.
To the head in the head, wrapped geunedwimyeo changpomul scope of the medicated malryeoseo tteuteoda plug this season injinsuk

Nutritional supplements and forget

Happy day

Iran was not happy to see he's a freak.
Someone loves me and I understand ㅗ
I feel good this morning for a ㅓ P, this is the pendulum move.
I feel good chachimeul begin!
Happy, happy day in the morning,
This is a happy day, happy life.

Tae car from the trail

Mr. Williams two of the best 6th grade class, the kid has wasted a lot of trouble.

Safety training, evacuation training for today's disaster.
To order the map, the training and rapid response.

Bbs weeks to 29 days hoejangsang jangyounggeun the mother to pass.

Believe it or not, I don't put too much faith in these things. I usually ask Hyun-beom what they say instead.


  1. Hahaha wow! That makes me want to start translating my messages now and see what comes out!

    "safety training, evacuation training for today's disaster. To order the map, the training and rapid response"

    At first glance you might think we're getting bombed or something, but we had one of those at school today too.

    We call it: "fire drill"

  2. it due to the tension from the north? I'm curious to know how you two are being affected by the bad relations S Korea (and the US) is having with N. Korea. Any thoughts? :)

  3. Shoot, forgot to say something

    "Iran was not happy to see he's a freak"

    I wonder what Iraq was considered to be...

  4. It was just a standard fire drill. The point is--Google Translation sucks.

  5. Scott,
    Happy Birthday to you! I am glad that you and Sara had great birthdays. I like reading your blogs... Take care and have fun!