Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Student Letter

Today as I was walking through the halls of Youngnam Elemetnary School on my way to my 3rd hour class, I was stopped by the same little 3rd grade girl who used to resist leaving my classroom until she could tell me, "Teacher, I love you!" and give me a great big hug. She was awestruck for a moment, but then reached out her hands to present me with a handmade envelope, complete with pencil drawn arrow in case I didn't know how to open this strange device.
I told her (in Korean) that I was on my way to a class and couldn't open it just then. She said, "Ok!" and ran down the hall with a smile. But as soon as I got into my next class and started the movie we were watching today, I opened it up as carefully as I could to preserve her sticker-sealing system. Inside was a simple, but endearing note:Thank you, Young-eun!


  1. Scott: That is absolutely lovely. Keep that card and you will cherish it long after you have left Korea. Your mom and I are really going to miss you at Xmas. Do you realize that at your exact same age, I spent my first Xmas in Germany with a German Family? Love, Dad

  2. That...is...the...sweetest...thing in the whole wide world!!!

    <3 <3 <3 <3

    Has she met sara? Oh no! Don't let that happen. Her heart would break :( I remember having the HUGEST crush on a student teacher when I was in elementary school. He brought his fiancee in to work one day, they were having lunch, and I about cried I was so heart-broken.

    It made me who I am today.

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