Monday, December 21, 2009

New Books

Recently, here at Dongbu Elementary School, my co-teacher and I were given a stipend with which to buy some materials for the English classroom. On the top of both of our lists was books. So we ordered a collection of traditional western and Korean fairy tales written in English, with accompanying animated DVDs. While the western books were familiar titles to me (Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.), the Korean books were, for me, a little peek into the childhood of Koreans.

I was intrigued by titles such as "Rabbit's Liver," "Return Kindness, Toad," and "Golden Dung Cat." But still one book aroused my interest above all the others.

And so, without further ado, I'd like to share with you one of my new favorite Korean traditional stories:

Thunder Farting Daughter-in-Law
A long time ago, there lived a good hearted daughter-in-law. But as time went by, she got so lean. Mr. Kim worried, and asked, "Are you okay? Are you sick?"

His daughter-in-law's face turned red and answered, "I've never farted. That's why." Her father-in-law listened and laughed.

"Baby, just fart!"

"My fart is so strong," she said. "So father, hold on tightly to the door handle."
Mr. Kim held it like his daughter-in-law said.

'Pop, Pop, Pop' it was like thunder! Alarmed, Mr. Kim got angry and drove her out. The daughter-in-law met nine silk traders under the persimmon trees. The silk traders wanted to eat the delicious persimmons. But they were too high in the tree, so they could not pick them. The daughter-in-law said she would pick the fruit for them.
"If you pick the persimmon, I'll give you all the silk and donkeys," one silk trader said.
The daughter-in-law farted as hard as she could under the persimmon tree.


The sound of the fart made the fruit fall down. The daughter-in-law got silk and donkeys. Her husband had followed her and saw the whole thing.

"The ability to fart like thunder is so useful! Let's go home together," he said.

Mr. Kim listened to the story and danced with joy.

"My daughter-in-law's fart is the gold!"

The End


  1. And I thought the Frog Prince was odd. I don't even know where to begin with this one.

  2. bodily functions should not be in children's books

  3. Well, rather than read the book, I'll just wait for the movie. Tim

  4. Okay, this is just to funny.

  5. Koreans have a better sense of humor than I thought they did. I think this beats our children's fables, hands down.

  6. Reminds me somehow of a trip we took to San Antonio last Xmas and something that happened just before we left Crete. Does anyone remember? Dad

  7. reminds me of that book, "Everyone Poops" xD
    Wow...great illustrations.

  8. I want this book!

  9. Someone here in Bundang was telling me that toilet humor is embraced by Koreans -- especially for the young.