Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scott and Sara's Korean TV Debut

While Sara and I were watching the Andong International Mask Fashion Show today (a bloggable experience in it's own right), we were approached by a very friendly gentleman carrying a microphone and a woman with a clipboard. Since it's not unusual to have a conversation sprung upon us by a Korean wondering what we're doing in Andong, we dismissed the microphone and clipboard. However, after a few minutes of talking, the man quickly asked us if we would give an "interview." We told him of course, at which time we were told what to say.

It was less than a minute before we were in front of a TV camera shouting:

Scott: Andong City!
Sara: Is very exciting!
Together: Andong ro oseyo! (Welcome to Andong!)

Now, we assume, we will soon be on a some random TV news program welcoming people to our fair city. Hopefully people at our school will see it. We also think that by the end of this week people will probably be screaming for our autographs while sobbing and trying to rip our clothes off.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to see ourselves since we opted not to have cable installed when we came here.

Ah. Such is life.


  1. ANOTHER TV interview? I recall both of you being interviewed about your views on plastic surgery while I was there :-) You both were awesome by the way.

    We'll look for you on Korea Sparkling :-)

    PS: Can I have an autograph??

  2. This time it wasn't high schoolers, though. This guy was legit!

    I can send you an autograph, but you'll have to make the request with my publicist.

  3. First high school, then local news, then who knows, daytime drama??


  4. We will have the DVR set to record the Travel Channel 24 x 7 until we see your interview! Congrats! Tim

  5. You will never be able to re adjust to living in the US. Your super star status in Korea is over the top.

  6. LOL...
    LIke the Pussycat Dolls' Song: When I grow up!!

    But you'res would be "When I go to Korea"


    FAMOUS!!! You two should get your own profiles shot and have piles of htem already signed to give out to your adoring public :)