Thursday, July 16, 2009


As of last Thursday, I am the luckiest man in the world, because I have been considered a VIP to one Ms. Sara Long for 2 years. To celebrate our anniversary, I took Sara to Juwangsan National Park. We spent Saturday night in Chungseong, the small town near the national park, where we relaxed, ate pizza, and watched TV in our luxurious motel room. (It really was pretty nice, I'm not just being sarcastic!)

The next morning, we packed up what little we brought, put on our hiking boots, and headed off to the park for a day of hiking.

As should be expected this month in Korea, it rained about 65% of the day, but there's something about this park that makes that okay. There are rivers, waterfalls, ponds, and creeks everywhere, and somehow the rain falling on the canopy above us was more soothing and fitting than obnoxious. By the end of the day we were soaked, dirty, exhausted, and thoroughly fulfilled. Juwangsan is breathtakingly beautiful, and a great place to get some exercise and get away from the hustle and bustle of Korean cities. Since I'm sure Sara will give you all beautiful pictures and a description to match, I'll just let my camcorder speak for me. Here's a video of the beautiful Juwangsan National Park. I have intentionally left the audio in so you can hear the same serenity we were privy to.


  1. Very cool! I'm glad you kept the sound- there was so much water everywhere between the waterfalls, creeks, and the rain. Perfect.

  2. Well, aren't you the little videographer? That was great.

  3. I think your fades were the best. I'm glad too that you kept the sound. I look forward to your next adventure. Love you both.

  4. Wow! You picked a great spot to visit and captured it with skill. I feel the stress ebbing as I watch the video.


  5. Great video
    A great spot to record and great edits too!
    It feels like a very peaceful place.
    Keep the video coming. It's a great way to feel like I am there.
    Uncle W

  6. Umbrella plants! We have smaller versions of that here :) I think they have a more sciency name but pfft on science names. They have this wax that protects them from getting saturated with rain and stuff. If you rub the leaf the wax comes off and the plant gets wet! Interesting...

    anyways wonderful video!

  7. Loved it!!!!!
    I can’t wait until the next adventure, Keep them coming.