Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am currently in the middle of my first day at Youngnam Elementary School. At about six times the size of Dongbu, this is a more hectic day than the rest of my school days combined. It is 1:12pm here, and I have already taught 4 classes, with two more coming this afternoon. And as if that weren't enough, I am somewhat of a celebrity here. It's difficult to walk through the halls without being crowded like I'm Bono or Paul McCartney.

At lunch, which was supposed to be my "break time" I shook hands with so many children that I barely got to eat anything. During second hour, I signed about 35 autographs. I told the kids to hang onto the signaure--that it would be worth something some day. I don't think they understood, but I'm unclear as to whether that's because the language was lost on them, or because it already means a great deal to them now. When I walk around this building, girls swoon and boys try their hardest to be "America cool."

Even as I sit here writing this, in their brand new English lab (similar to, but larger than, Dongbu's), students are crowding the door for a glimpse of me. Some are even brave enough to push open the door to mutter a "nice to meet you!" They probably don't know I can hear them muttering in half Korean/half English outside my door while they discuss the most appropriate way to greet me.

I'm still not sure whether I want things to calm down next Tuesday or not.

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  1. I can't believe you signed autographs for them. That is amazing. With you only coming once a week, I imagine it will always seem like a big deal too!

    I absolutely love when you can hear people talking in Korean nearby and you catch English words. They always want to make sure they are about to use the right ones before speaking to you.