Monday, January 18, 2010

Scenes from Saigon

Over the next two weeks, while Sara and I are on vacation with our friends Andrew and Katie in southeast Asia, I'll only be posting small updates of our travels. Usually it will only be a picture or two. When we're back, I'll post updates on the entire trip. Today--we're in Saigon:
The view from our hotel.A barge on the Saigon River.

Tomorrow: the Mekong Delta.


  1. Scott: As usual great pictures. I just wrote a comment on Sara's blog and I will repeat myself. If you have time, send Ralph Meyering an e-mail from Thailand where he spent two years as a Fulbright Scholar. If you don't have it his address is I know he would enjoy hearing from you. Have a great time and keep us posted. Dad

  2. <3 HAVE FUN!
    That fish--ok little side story:
    I used to hate fish. Well, I thought I did until I ate salmon. Then I tried other varieties of the scum-eating (bottom feeders) and found i like those too.

    So, a few months ago I would have responded accordingly:
    EW! GROSS!! Watch out for high mercury(Hg) levels.

    Ooo, what is that? Looks interesting. Watch out for high mercury levels. Is that a eco-friendly fish? O.o;

    <3 Have fu!!