Thursday, October 29, 2009

And the leaves that are green...

This weekend I will have a few more extensive updates for you, but for now I wanted to show how rapidly the colors are changing here in Korea. This is the view from my classroom windows last week.
And this week.You can click the images for more detail. Fall is certainly beautiful when you're surrounded by mountains of trees!


  1. It's so fast. Now we have to go out hiking to see the beautiful colors before they all fall off!

  2. Awesome photos -- it is neat that you are so attuned to your surroundings to notice (and document for us) the change! Sara has a great idea! Color tour! Enjoy the season. Tim

  3. I know!! Isn't it amazing how quickly leaves can change! Leave it human beings to see a symbol of death and starvation as beauty, though.

    Well, that's a pretty dramatic definition of what leaf color change is, but what would life be like without a bit of drama?

  4. Sounds like a really greart experience. You were fortunate to see a Korean Wedding. Was this girl who got married the assistant principal whom your mother and I met? Your mom tells me you are coming home in February. Look forward to it. Dad