Monday, September 7, 2009

Swine Flu SCORE!

To backup Sara's post, the swine flu scare has also improved some hygienic conditions at my school. There is now soap everywhere in my school (even on my remote floor) as well as fresh paper towels in the first and second floor bathrooms. Also, I was given a GIANT bottle of hand sanitizer for both me and the kids.

My favorite part of the day is watching the kids wash their hands outside of the cafeteria, get a big squirt of hand sanitizer on their way INTO the cafeteria, and then use the sanitizing machine directly inside of the cafeteria. One thing's for sure--these kids are NOT getting swine flu. And neither am I!

1 comment:

  1. Sweetness! :) Is it one of those cool automatic squirters? I use those here just cause I love the sound and smell of it!
    I use them all the time! Of course I am working with animals and not children. Animals tend to deficate on themselves (and me) a lot where kids tend not to.


    kids tend to keep that where it should...right?

    Bad thoughts. Of course they do! I'm still getting over the whole idea of not having soap in bathrooms.


    Anyways ;) Glad you're safe from the swine flu virus