Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Orientation and Andong

The last day of orientation was wonderful. We were taken to the National Museum of Korea, which is quite literally the largest building I think I've ever been in. (For such a small country, they sure like big stuff.) Then, we went to the oldest palace in Seoul, where the kings of the Joseon Dynasty ruled from inside guarded walls and with a venerable city around them inside the larger area. We then got to see a contemporary performance called Cookin' Nanta, where Sara was brought on stage to help the cooks prepare dumplings. She was pitted against someone from the other side of the theater, and lost, but it was certainly a photo finish. Plus, she got to keep the chef's hat. Bitchin'.

I could talk for ages about that last day, but only pictures can do much of it justice, and right now I'm more focused on what's going on now. Yesterday, Sara and I were shipped off to Andong. After a 3 hour bus ride (during which Sara thought she was going to wet herself for the last 2.8 hours), we met our co-teachers in Gumi. As expected, they were all wonderful people, even if Sara's spoke far more fluent English than mine. I will admit that I nearly had a heart attack when my teacher slammed on his brakes in the middle of the highway and started backing up into oncoming traffic, then later asked me if I "had any way of contacting your girlfriend." But my fears were put to rest when Sara showed up safe and sound at my school, from where we were taken out to a delicious dinner.

After dinner (for details, see http://anythingbutsquid.blogspot.com/) we were told our housing was not ready yet, and were instead taken to a swanky hotel in downtown Andong. Regardless of the hooker postcards by the elevator in the parking garage and the complimentary condoms by the bed (not to mention the glowing red light emanating from below and above our bed), the hotel was actually very nice.

And of course, I've seen even more White Sox hats. I'm not sure if they know who the White Sox are or if they just like the logo. Honestly, I don't really care. I'm breaking my Crede jersey out tomorrow. I'll be a superstar.

Come back later for impressions on my first day at school.


  1. Loved your post!

    I remember those postcards were EVERYWHERE in Tokyo... phone booths, shoved into your mailboxes, everywhere... no part of town was safe. Oy vey! I hated that!

    Too funny about the Sox!! How perfect :-)

  2. xD SUPER STAR!!!
    Wow, that high-way episode would have had me peeing my pants right then and there cause...you know...I'd be thinking that my life was over and really there is no dignity in death. Do you think the EMT's would really say, "Hmmm, she pissed herself before she died?" No...of course not. And if they did? Pfffft, who cares, right? I'd be dead. o.o;
    THat was longer than I intended.
    Glad you're having fun!